About us 



    to conceive, to imagine. 


 Anything that provides nourishment or stimulus.      


An idea of something formed by mentally combining all of its particulars; a construction.

Our team has extensive, hands-on operating experience, in all areas of the food and beverage industry. This allows us to be able to provide our clients with an all-encompassing approach towards success. Following market evolutions and trends, such as the millennial generation becoming de facto market consumers, our team has cultivated and crystallized strategies to approach this particular group by going above and beyond to understand each and every segment.

Who we are

We are a specialized F&B consulting firm born in Macau with offices in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh.

We create, develop, and execute detailed plans & approaches for the hospitality industry. We provide, among other specialized approaches; market studies, restaurant management services, operational and strategic consulting for hotels, freestanding restaurants, clubs, banquet and catering facilities.

Why select us

Think Food Concepts is more than a solution company. From day one we partner with you for success. Offering different business solutions and partnerships according to your goals and investment, we aim to achieve success with you. With some points being key for any project, we believe in solutions.


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