Who We Are 我们是谁


We are a specialized F&B consulting firm born in Macau with offices in Shanghai. We create, develop and execute detailed plans & approaches for the hospitality industry. We provide, among other specialized approaches; market studies, restaurant management services, operational and strategic consulting for hotels, freestanding restaurants, membership clubs, banquet and catering facilities.

Think Food Concepts 是一家成立于澳门的咨询公 司,同时在上海,三地设有办事处. 通过对营运和策略提供咨询服务 Think Food Concepts 他说致力于为酒店业创造,研发并执 行餐饮概念及解决方案. 我们的专业咨询师在餐饮行业拥有丰 富 的运 营管理经验,包括酒店,个体餐饮,私人俱 乐部,宴会承办机构 以及其他餐饮机构的 管理与概念研发。










Why Select Us 我们是谁

Think Food Concepts is more than a solution company, from day one we partner with you to success. Offering different business solutions and partnerships according to your goal and investment, our aim is to achieve success with you. With some points been key for any project, we believe in solutions.

  • An experienced company in diverse concepts
  • Work all project from A to Z
  • More than a consulting team, a partner
  • International background
  • Financial Solutions
  • 在不同概念的一个经验丰富的公司
  • 从A 到Z完成所以项目
  • 我们不仅仅是一个咨询团队,更是合作伙伴
  • 国际背景
  • 财务解决方案


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