A brief formal analysis of the business idea in environmental and economical terms.

从市场和经济方面调查研究方的可 行性.

A detailed version of an idea interpreted in the vision of our customers.

研发出被市场和业主都认可的餐饮 概念.

Analyzing the viability of the base builds by careful analysis of core factors and economic investment.

从关键因素和经济投资这两个角度 谨慎分析项目的可行性.

Financial and structural modeling of F&B, allowing prospective customers to have an extended looks at cost factors, and possible revenue plans, both in physical as well as economic requirements.

无论是出于物理要求还是经济要求 的角度,餐饮项目的财务和架建模 式可 以使潜在顾客能够展望项目成 本因素 和盈利方案.

Operator selections entail helping with the choice of suppliers by careful referencing necessities, with availability, confidence levels, and quality of produce.

运营参考需要提供对供应商的悉心 甄选,包括其可用性,可行度,出 品品质等.











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