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A Consulting firm operating in Mainland China and born in Macau, Think Food Concepts helps you develop your ideas, into reality.



The concept is just the beginning

More than an idea, a concept requires proper execution to bear fruition. Working with us means working with a team of designers, engineers, and other specialists that ensure that your work is executed exactly as you dreamed of it.


Food is the Heart of your business.

For a restaurant that is, if your location is a bar, then it would stand to reason an amazing cocktail is the heart of your particular part.
Regardless of the case, a successful business is always adjusted to its market, its constraints, and the specific needs and limitations of your target market.

That is where we come in.


A concept only works, if its weakest part works.

A concept is a myriad of factors, from staff to marketing, from the bar to the kitchen, everyone and everything thing needs to work in unison.

We can help with that, from integration of back-office systems, standards and procedures, and staff training, we are there to insure everything works.




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