Taking into account factors such as location & mood.
全方位设计新的餐饮概 念,将位 置和氛围等元素 考虑在内

Establishing a concept that works from ideas to executions and local viability.

从想法到执行再到本地化等等 ,


Designing kitchens that are functional, without wasted footprint space, and visually appealing when necessary.

设计功能齐全的厨房,无需浪 费占 地空间,必要时可视觉吸 引人

Ranging from interior design to construction oversight, not neglecting the necessary with SOP and F&B procedures, for operational stability.

从室内设计到现场施工再到标 准操 作流程的梳理以及餐饮营 运步骤的 确立.











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